Extreme Terroir

When asked to describe the Stagecoach Vineyard, we first respond with a two-word answer: “Extreme Terroir.” The word “extreme” applies not just to our steep hillsides and mountain-top geography, but also to the extreme levels of meticulous attention paid to growing the fruit and the extreme, intense flavors that result. We use “terroir” in the true French sense, invoking the special characteristics that geography gives to grapes, including soil, climate, and farming techniques.

1,200 – 1,750 feet


16 Varietals

planted on 204 blocks

List of Vineyard Clones
Varietal Clone
 Cabernet Franc17
 Cabernet Franc214
 Cabernet Franc312
 Cabernet Franc327
 Cabernet Franc332
 Cabernet Franc628
 Cabernet FrancSanders
 Cabernet Sauvignon2
 Cabernet Sauvignon4
 Cabernet Sauvignon7
 Cabernet Sauvignon8
 Cabernet Sauvignon15
 Cabernet Sauvignon169
 Cabernet Sauvignon191
 Cabernet Sauvignon337
 Cabernet Sauvignon341
 Cabernet Sauvignon412
 Cabernet Sauvignon685
 Cabernet Sauvignon5197
 Cabernet Sauvignon29 (Niebaum-Coppola)
 Cabernet Sauvignon30 (See) + rootstock
 Cabernet Sauvignon31 (Mondavi – To Kalon) + root stocks
 Cabernet Sauvignon685/31
 Cabernet SauvignonSee
 Cabernet SauvignonWeimer
 MarsanneTablas Creek
 Petite Sirah4
 Petit Verdot2
 Petit Verdot400
 Petit Verdot1058
 Sauvignon Blanc1
 Sauvignon Blanc6
 Sauvignon Blanc18
 Sauvignon Blanc28
 Sauvignon Blanc30
 SyrahTC-A (99)

Our elevations – ranging between 1,100 and 1,750 feet – make Stagecoach the largest south-facing mountain vineyard in Napa. Our mountain terrain is usually above the fog which gives us a longer ripening season, with the rockiest soils and minerality to create distinct aromas and flavors that can only be found in the unique terroir at Stagecoach Vineyard.

The vineyard covers an enormous number of soil depths, soil types, and micro-climates, with 16 different varietals planted in 204 individual blocks being purchased by 80+ different wineries. Given the quality level that is expected from each of our clients, it's really more like farming 205 small vineyards than a single large one. Stagecoach is Cabernet Sauvignon-focused, with over half of the vines planted to 22 Cabernet clones.

Just look at the grapes themselves. Stagecoach consistently produces an amazing color to its fruit – largely due to the elevation above the fog layer, which exposes the vineyard to increased sunlight throughout the year. As a result, our fruit is dominated by classic "mountainside" characteristics, with big tannins and extremely complex flavors.