Meticulous Farming, Sustainable Practices

Look around Stagecoach Vineyard, and you’ll be struck by a world in balance. A thriving habitat for coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, reptiles, raptors, and even bears combined with gentle farming practices that respect the land and its native creatures.

“Premium Fruit

and Collaborative Relationships result in wines of the finest quality”

List of Vineyard Clones
Varietal Clone
 Cabernet Franc17
 Cabernet Franc214
 Cabernet Franc312
 Cabernet Franc327
 Cabernet Franc332
 Cabernet Franc628
 Cabernet FrancSanders
 Cabernet Sauvignon2
 Cabernet Sauvignon4
 Cabernet Sauvignon7
 Cabernet Sauvignon8
 Cabernet Sauvignon15
 Cabernet Sauvignon169
 Cabernet Sauvignon191
 Cabernet Sauvignon337
 Cabernet Sauvignon341
 Cabernet Sauvignon412
 Cabernet Sauvignon685
 Cabernet Sauvignon5197
 Cabernet Sauvignon29 (Niebaum-Coppola)
 Cabernet Sauvignon30 (See) + rootstock
 Cabernet Sauvignon31 (Mondavi – To Kalon) + root stocks
 Cabernet Sauvignon685/31
 Cabernet SauvignonSee
 Cabernet SauvignonWeimer
 MarsanneTablas Creek
 Petite Sirah4
 Petit Verdot2
 Petit Verdot400
 Petit Verdot1058
 Sauvignon Blanc1
 Sauvignon Blanc6
 Sauvignon Blanc18
 Sauvignon Blanc28
 Sauvignon Blanc30
 SyrahTC-A (99)
  • Certified California Sustainable Vineyard

All our practices are sustainable, taking into account the environmental, social, and economic implications of each decision we make. A few examples of our sustainable approach are using permanent cover crops to prevent erosion, planting site-specific cover crops to address nutrient and vigor needs, building insectaries, owl boxes, and bluebird boxes to host pest predators, conducting beneficial insect releases, and practicing conservative irrigation.

Stagecoach fruit performs consistently year after year, delivering ripe mountain fruit with strong characteristics winemakers can count on. The diversity we offer – from rootstock, clones, and varieties to soil types, slopes and climate exposures – allows us to meet virtually any winemaker’s needs.

It’s great to be known by the company you keep, and we are the preferred source for many of Napa’s and Sonoma’s premier wineries. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do twice the number of passes compared to the average Napa Valley vineyard. Add to that our continuing culture of evolution and innovation and the depth of our collective experience, and we have a lot to be proud of at Stagecoach Vineyard.

Finally, we believe that we can inspire our customers, through premium fruit and collaborative relationships, to craft truly compelling wines of the finest quality. At Stagecoach, there is a fundamental sense of community and team collaboration that encourages strong connections with our clients. Together, we work hard toward the goal of producing the finest wines in the world.