The Future of Stagecoach

At Stagecoach Vineyard, life is always a work in progress, but we have a very clear vision of where we’re headed. Simply put, we want to be the most coveted vineyard designate. That’s what we work toward every day. And we have a very clear mission to help us achieve that vision: We will create the essence, the core fruit ingredient, of the world’s finest wines. By staying true to the soul of Stagecoach and its “extreme terroir,” we will change the face of the global wine industry. We will continue to work at the industry’s edge, maintaining our fierce attention to detail and making further improvements to our extremely high quality fruit standards. That’s our commitment and stake in the ground.


always outweigh our challenges”

List of Vineyard Clones
Varietal Clone
 Cabernet Franc17
 Cabernet Franc214
 Cabernet Franc312
 Cabernet Franc327
 Cabernet Franc332
 Cabernet Franc628
 Cabernet FrancSanders
 Cabernet Sauvignon2
 Cabernet Sauvignon4
 Cabernet Sauvignon7
 Cabernet Sauvignon8
 Cabernet Sauvignon15
 Cabernet Sauvignon169
 Cabernet Sauvignon191
 Cabernet Sauvignon337
 Cabernet Sauvignon341
 Cabernet Sauvignon412
 Cabernet Sauvignon685
 Cabernet Sauvignon5197
 Cabernet Sauvignon29 (Niebaum-Coppola)
 Cabernet Sauvignon30 (See) + rootstock
 Cabernet Sauvignon31 (Mondavi – To Kalon) + root stocks
 Cabernet Sauvignon685/31
 Cabernet SauvignonSee
 Cabernet SauvignonWeimer
 MarsanneTablas Creek
 Petite Sirah4
 Petit Verdot2
 Petit Verdot400
 Petit Verdot1058
 Sauvignon Blanc1
 Sauvignon Blanc6
 Sauvignon Blanc18
 Sauvignon Blanc28
 Sauvignon Blanc30
 SyrahTC-A (99)

As with any business, the future holds both threats and opportunities. The wine industry faces potential challenges in the state of the economy, climate change leading to potential water shortages, a generation of new wine drinkers with different tastes, and the usual viruses and bugs.

But at an innovative enterprise like Stagecoach, the opportunities always outweigh the challenges. We see great potential in the area of education, such as sommelier summits, and in Stagecoach’s growth as a luxury brand.

Just as we are proud of our history and achievements, we are very excited about the future.