Bart Krupp

Founding Partner
The Strategist

Bart Krupp, Jan’s younger brother, used to tag along after Jan and his friends. They were always close, but ended up living on opposite coasts – Bart to the East and Jan to the West. In 1994, when Jan told him about a special property he had found in Napa, Bart flew out to see it. “We walked the property, and Jan told me his plans,” Bart remembers. “After returning to his house, we stood on the back porch, overlooking the site. That was when I told him he was crazy.”

“In the spring of 2002, we attended a tasting event at which Stagecoach's entire customer base poured its young wines.

At the end, the winemakers and owners all gave Jan an enormous standing ovation. I knew then that we had arrived.  Jan was realizing his dream and our venture would be successful.”

But once again, Bart followed Jan’s lead. He was the first investor in the purchase of the land that would become Stagecoach Vineyard. Since then, he has lent his business acumen and financial savvy to the growing enterprise. He continues to live in New Jersey with his wife of more than 40 years, operating Capitol Foam Products, the family business. He is also a partner with Jan in the Krupp Brothers Winery and Vineyard. He shares his name with Black Bart, the gentleman bandit who used to frequent these hills – a serendipity acknowledged with the name of Krupp Brothers’ “Black Bart” label.

“Listen, analyze, and suggest,” is how Bart describes his involvement in Stagecoach. He doesn’t think he’s made one significant contribution, he says modestly, just a lot of small nudges that have helped to make the vineyard a success. “I’m really proud of what my brother has accomplished,” he says. “Stagecoach has become a world-famous vineyard – his dream has come true.”